Past Projects

Adventures in Programming

When I first started to foray into developing with the Yii framework, I began a blog to track common procedures and explore some of the nuances of the framework. As I continue to uncover features or push the expected functionality of Yii, I document the processes involved so that anyone else attempting the same thing will be able to build on that knowledge. The Yii framework is an open source project and everyone is encouraged to give back to the community there.

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History, Services and Portfolio

I have been working with web page design and development since 1994. My specialty is in dynamic content sites utilizing PHP, MySQL and Javascript/AJAX, but I also offer services for sites written in ASP, ColdFusion, and other languages.

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Social Networking Avenues

While I do occasionally make updates LinkedIn, my preferred network for all things programming is on twitter. Most current updates can be found there or on my blog, and I try to regularly pass on PHP, Yii, Docker and other current web technology tidbits that I find useful, in the hopes that others will find them useful as well. If you have a quick Yii question, it is the best way to contact me.